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Stella Maris Nursery and Primary School is a well-established independent co-educational school with specialist teachers, a rich blend of Nigerian, American and British curriculums as well as a reputation for equipping children for success at most of the country’s leading and outstanding secondary schools. Our kids are known to excel with distinction at all secondary schools’ entrance examinations.

We take pride in getting to know every child a bit better. We make learning highly enjoyable and are often told by parents how their children have become more disciplined, responsible and resourceful after life at Stella Maris.

Choosing Stella Maris Nursery and Primary School for your child means so much more than an outstanding education. It means unrivalled support at every stage of their Nursery and Primary years, right through to planning for secondary school.

We encourage pupils to excel in a nurturing environment of high standards, we also provide an education that considers the needs of the individual, spirituality, religious and moral values as well as discipline of the mind and body. We include specialist teaching in all areas and have always recorded impressive results.

Our strong, educational ethos is based upon providing teaching that caters to each child individually, empowers and encourages all children to think for themselves and achieve outstanding results We provide specialist teaching in all subjects, a wide range of  activities, and have even created our own programme to ensure that homework is a positive experience.

Understanding that every child develops at a different rate, the caring teachers in our Nursery make certain all children feel happy, secured and able to achieve Our Primary years have been designed to help each child find their true niche in life, and our Primary is renowned for helping pupils to secure admission into secondary school most suited to their talents, including the most prestigious secondary schools all over the country With a rich curriculum, a fabulous outreach programme, a range of sporting activities, as well as opportunities for music, dance, and even arts, we aim to provide everything you could want for your child’s education.

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